Saturday, June 11, 2011

More weekend activities. (A great group game)

So this should really go 'after' or below the post about cake. I mentioned Strawberry Festivities and group competitive games.

Friday afternoon/prevning the Church put on the 20th-or-so Strawberry Festival, a festival oriented towards kids with lots of games with prizes, Pony rides, facepaint, tattoos, balloon animals... so on and so forth. I was helping with the YadGrad sponsored Strawberry Patch, where there was 'bug' infestation (or washers) and the kids had to help up collect (at least 10) bugs with a magic wand (or magnet stick). It was very fun, and very busy, the Church was able to fund raise a lot for the Sojourner's House (a local Mother and Children Shelter.) I was glad I could help out.

So afterwards, Gwyn and I went over to Mitch and Cassidy's for a little Game night, there were 4 other people there (for a total of 8 people). After the other group finished a very full game of Settlers, we were taught a new 'game.' This game does not have an official name, but is great. The basic rules are as follows:

1st, everyone takes a small strip of paper and writes down something, anything they want to. Examples: Bacon, The State looks down on Sodomy (if you are not privy to Blink 182, this is a song lyric), There are 140 Calories in a serving of Jelly Bellies, Spinnaker, Hide your Kids, Hide your Wife. So really anything. Depending on how may people are playing, each person can fill out more, we did our first round with each putting in 2 slips, then second round with 3 slips.

So each piece of paper is thrown in to a pot.

Then everyone is split in to two teams. The teams then alternate guessing in the following round style:

1st round: Catchphrase style guessing. The person up can use words, but cannot use words in the phrase. No motions, no "rymes with..." or "first letter.... " This is basic guessing, so things like (for Battle Axe): "It has a wooden handle" , "sharp edge..." " cutting."

2nd Round: Charades. The person up cannot make any sounds. They may only use their body, and motions. Like Gestures.

3rd Round. One Word. The person Up must choose one single word. They can only say that one word, and may not do the following: Add any intentional inflection or tone shift to ad emphasis. Move their body to indicate a clue. Use more than one word. Use hyphens.

4th Round: One sound. The person up must choose a single sound. It can be an onomatopoeia, like pow or snap or drip, but it can also be a UUUgghhh!! or Eh? There can be emphasis, but it must be repeated over and over again, each time the sound is repeated, it must (to the best of the ability of the person up) be the same.

So you start on round one, each team has a minute to get as many as they can right. Once the minute is up play stops, whatever the person was on gets put back in the pot, and the pot is transferred to the other team. Each person on the team must be 'Up,' we just went down to line. At the end of each minute spat, the total number right are tallied to the teams score, and the slips are set aside. This continues until the pot is empty. At this point the slips are returned to the pot, and you move to the next round (style, whatever you want to call it). Once the 4th round of hilarious noises is complete, the scored are totaled and the winner is the team with the most points.

It is important to note, that in the first round, you need to pay attention to the clues in general, because you will be seeing/hearing them again in later rounds. That is what makes it so very fun is that it is a memory game as well, and a communication game.

It was a great game that was very entertaining. I would most certainly play again.

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  1. I have played a spin off of this... your rules are much better... can't wait to try it. Sounds like you had a great day. And I LOVE the cake narrative!
    PS - I will be all ready to answer the question this morning if Eric asks what is the significance of this day in church history! Thanks!!!