Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pearl and the Beard

So you all may have noticed that on my top 5 media picks for this summer, a band called Pearl and the Beard received an honorable mention. Well, I think they need to highlighted, they are getting their own post.

First off, click this, and put it in the back ground to listen while reading the rest.

Pearl and the Beard are a Trio of great and accomplished musicians who deliver what I will call modern urban folk. Their line-up: a guitarist, a cellist (someone who plays the cello) and a percussionist, all with beautifully unique, yet harmonic voices. Their music is something else. I highly suggest to anyone who likes solid vocals with equal amounts of acoustic drive and a passion and humor for what is played.

Gwyn first informed me for this band back in September, and I have been listening to them since. Tonight they put on a great show at the Garfield Artworks. Gwyn was literally giddy with excitement, it was great to see. She even got a song dedicated to her.

I know you are all thinking about this, so I will dispel any rumors, I did get a shirt and it is great. Pictures will come soon as all were taken on cell phones.

I would also like to give space for Brad Yoder. He opened. And he was also great. I think that I heard of him from Jessie or Drew... but anyways, I am looking forward to hearing more of him.

For more information: Pearl and the Beard and Brad Yoder 

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  1. I'll give a thumbs up on Pearl... but you know me... I like folky, social justice music. Thanks for sharing!!!

    But I still will not give a thumbs up to NPR's All Things Considered or Morning Edition... only to Car Talk!!!!