Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Creation

First off, has anyone actually used any of my recipes? If so let me know how they turned out, and take a picture! I will post your feedback on the recipe itself. You can be part of this blog too.

Last night, I tried a variation of one of my favorite things in the world. I feel as though I may be preaching to the choir, but I love Fajitas. Specifically, I love my mothers fajitas. I know they are 'simple' and not super fancy, but I have never had anything quite like them. It may just be the memory associated with them, anyway... In high school, my mother made fajitas close to .75 times a week (if you are wondering that is like 2 times in three weeks, not quite every week, but certainly more than every other week). And my father put up with it. Thank you both. If you were wondering, you can find more about them here.

So this week, I decided to try something a little different. I present to you: Gwyn's Pittsburgh Fajitas. Take the aforementioned fajita recipe and add Asparagus to the onions and peppers and French Fries. The french fries were an homage to the tater tots my mom would serve with fajitas (but I am in PGH, so they had to be Fries), and the asparagus was due to Gwyn's love for the plant. They turned out great. I think I am going to try this more often, adding other types of veggies to the mix, I think zucchini would work, and mushrooms. Hmmm... it is a whole new world.

So this week is my first real week at my internship. Things are going well. I have a bonified workstation set up here, and I am making progress on my project.

I feel like my weeks are rather established now (mostly to my own doing). Tuesday nights is bible study. We are reading all of the short books, and at the end we can say that we have read half of the Bible, it is great. And there has been some really good discussion. Wednesday was Frisbee night (long story of how that got started) but is now Movie in the Park night. Similar to Smoovies event in the Tri, the parks here set up a large screen and show films after dusk. All for free. This week (aka today) is Batman (to clear up any confusion, this is the Michael Keaton and Jack Nickleson version from the 80s, not the Christian Bale version from 2000s). This is going to be held at Flagstaff Hill, if you remember your Pittsburgh Geography, this is next to CMU and where we went sledding! Then Thursday nights are the new Frisbee nights. I started these events to get people outside, and to experience new parks/neighborhoods. Each week we go to a different park to throw a disk around. Last week we played some half court Ultimate, it was a lot of fun! There is also a side objective: after getting worn out, there is a chance to experience local, and new food near the park we are at. I am really excited about this. Tomorrow we are at Highland Park.

Ok, well I should get back to work. Look forward to a recap of this past weekend (lots of baseball) but I want to get some pictures in first!

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  1. Just for the record: I always wanted to add extra veggies to things like fajitas and pizza sauce... things like mushrooms, zucchini, and maybe even asparagus... but was told that it just wasn't "right". Glad you are experimenting... and thanks for the fajita memories!!!