Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Found it. Finally

Last night was another Monday night movie. This week was 'Hangover Part II.' I would say it is right on par with the previous movie. In fact, the story line was more or less 'ctrl+c' then 'ctrl+v' in to a new script. It was funny. I cannot deny it that, but not something that I would watch with my mother (sorry mom).

Anyway... that is not all that important. What is important is that I finally found a suitable Mexican place in Pittsburgh. I know! Let the jubilation begin! As many of you know, I really enjoy Mexican food. Really really enjoy it. And I was spoiled living in the Tri Cities with places like La Fama and Hacienda Del Sol. I have been looking... nay, longing for a place that could fill the void in my life after coming here to this town far away from Mexico. Where people think Mad Mex is amazing and great Mexican food (it is not either of those things, at best it is an attempt at a weird derivation of Tex-Mex)

I met up with Gwyn to help her with a load of stuff for Goodwill (she has now filled 8-10 trash bags with stuff to toss (and as she put it:  'Not trash, but stuff that she is getting rid of') and 2 full car loads of stuff for Goodwill, it is impressive how much stuff she collected in her room), then we set out to find food before the movie. We were a little crunched on time, so we headed towards the theater to streamline the process. As we were rounding the corner on to Carson Street she asked if I wanted to go to Emilianos. I said heck yes.

First off, the number one thing that gets me excited about a place: chips and salsa. (previous to this experience, I had not been served chips and salsa at a restaurant since El Sombrero in Spokane right before I left for PGH). Second thing that raised my excitement: I didn't know what some of the menu items were. As in they were actually Mexican derived things! Not just a whole bunch of derivative 'Burritos' and 'Quesadillas.' Third, and I don't mean to hold this against anyone or any place, I like all people of all races and creeds, but the staff were Hispanic. Fourth: the food was great, and filling, and cheap. I told Gwyn: "We are coming back here. Often." To be honest, this place would never make it in the Tri, but for Pittsburgh, it will work.

I know you were all worried. But you can relax, I found a decent place for Mexican, you can sleep at night now.


  1. Call off the blood hounds the search is over! You get anything to Good Will too?


  2. Ask Jake for a suggestion in B-town... we'll take you for Mexican while we are there IN ONE WEEK!!! Can't wait!

    Yes... I am back from the lake with "the girls just wanna have fun" group... which included hours of Bananagrams and then playing Apples to Apples on the deck off the bar at Hill's overlooking Priest Lake... LOVE IT!

  3. NPR - Gosh dang it Dad, I have been listening to Morning Edition and All things Considered on my commute to and from work. I blame this on you.

    Appropriate that this comment is under "Found It" You have and I'm sorry but it is good news... so far no one has yelld at me while I am listening either!