Saturday, April 9, 2011

Oh, I have got a lot!

To those of you who have been a little disappointed in the lack of culinary expansion in this lovely blog, I have got two whollops for you. Last Tuesday Gwyn and I made... I don't know what... I will have to come up with a name, it was pasta with Bacon, Cheese and Spices. It was great. Then on Thursday Chelsea and I made Wienerschnitzel (with a Brown Mushroom Sauce), Spatzle, Sweet Potato Pancakes (because we are in PA) and Zucchini! It was awesome... Thanks Jackie for sort of letting us use your Kitchen!

So I am going to throw up a few pictures. We are having a grand time, but more fun is in store today, so I need to make this quick...

Burgertory last night! Caleb even ventured out for the Apple Pancake and Bacon Shake!

Chelsea and I cooking up a storm!

Don't worry... Chelsea is taking plenty of good pictures too...

The most appropriate thing to do with a Pussy Willow... is to put it up your nose. (Just ask my Dad.)
And as you can expect, we have been playing a ton of games. Chelsea introduced me to Bohnanza, a great game involving Bean crop growing (at the moment, Caleb has one win, and Chelsea has one win). We have played some Settlers (I won!). Tried to play Bananagrahms (Chelsea and I are not very good at it, she won). And Milles Bohrn (I won last night!) It has been great, I love games.


  1. Be careful about giving suggestions on Pussy Willows... Ellen and Glen brought us some last night and I had to tell your father NOT to do what you suggest!!! ;-)

  2. Hey, that's not very nice... pussy willows are very soft and comforting!

  3. Oh ... I got the chills even thinking about the pussy willow visual!! NOOOOOOO! Don't do it!!

    Sounds like you guys had tons of fun!! I was thinking about you all week! Looking forward to more stories and more pictures!!

    Bet it is hard to get back to studying now! Hang in there!!