Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Goodness

As many of you know, Easter was last Sunday. Also as may of you know, the Griffith family has a number of traditions that revolve around the Holy Day. Like any good tradition, food is a must: our Easter mornings always include breakfast casserole and Mother's Coffee cake (among other things). In the week before Easter, I was planning on passing up this tradition as I did not think anyone would join me (and making a bunch of food for yourself just leads to obesity). After talking to Chelsea about this subject, she inspired me to organize and celebrate. I was able to convince Sam, Tracey and Gwyn to come over after Church for a glorious celebration.

The prevening before I set about making the food. Along with this, I invited some friends over to dye some eggs using the Pirate themed egg dying kit that my mom sent me. In the words of Sam: "Of course Easter involves Pirates!" It was quite fun. Unlike other dyes, this set came with a black dye! Awesome!

Yes, that is a Black and Yellow egg that says Here We Go Stillers!
One Baked Coffee Cake! (there was rumor that someone who could not eat nuts was going to join us... hence that lack of nuts on the left side)
One soaking Breakfast casserole!

As is my Easter tradition, I got up on the not so bright side, and headed off for the Sunrise service. It was a good service, but made me dearly miss Colbert. 1) Colbert normally has sun at their sunrise service. 2) I miss singing. 3) There was a TV guy here that was super distracting... anyway. I was still glad I went.
From there I came home to prepare. I threw the casserole in the over, I cut up the coffee cake, took a shower and set the table.
Sorry Mom, I didn't dye any Coconut...
Oh yeah, that is bacon on there too...
Just as I was pulling the casserole out of the oven, three girls in lovely Easter dresses showed up. It was great. I reminded me of home. Turns out Sam's family does that same thing for Easter morning! I am glad that I got to celebrate with others! Thanks Chelsea! Thanks Gwyn, Sam, and Tracey!
Sam was accessorizing with some of the decorations...
 Later that day I was invited to join the Rohrer family (Gwyn's family) for their Easter dinner. As was suggested by a friend: I combed out my hair real nice (my Mohawk for those of you who are playing along at home), put on my skirt (kilt...) and show up in style. Which I did. The five of us (Mr. Rohrer, Mrs. Rohrer, Caitlin, Gwyn and myself) headed out to a very nice restaurant in Oakmont (just north of town) for a lovely Easter Dinner. They are a great family to be around, very jovial and witty. I was asked what my favorite 'Eastern European Surrealist Film' was... I was actually able to give an answer! I even got an Easter basket from Mrs. Rohrer! It was a great day, with great people.  

So... where are we. I am just about to finish my last week of class for this semester. It has been a good one, but very stressful and time consuming (as you may have noticed in the diminished number of posts). All I have left is: 1) Finish the Elevator Project 2) Write a paper on Large Capacity Energy Storage and 3) Take a final in my Power Engineering class. The last two things are due on Monday and the last one is due a week from today. I am looking forward to it all being over.

Skanda was able to find a place for us to live in next year! He is leaving shortly for an internship, so he headed up the effort to find a place. We are going to be subletting from a few CMU students who are studying abroad in the fall. The apartment is a block away from Church, and 3 blocks from school. It is going to be great! It is furnished, utilities included, good space all for less than I pay now. The only down side (which could be awesome, and most likely will be) is that Skanda and myself will be sharing a room. It will be a throw back to Freshman and Sophomore year. There is also going to be another girl living there. We were able to meet here yesterday, she seems really nice. As Skanda put it: she is not like us (in the sense that she is not a geek) but that she will do as a roommate.

And in other news I have an internship interview on Tuesday! Yay! Also there have been tornado warrnings all over the place. The weather has been wicked, lots of rain and lots of wind.

Oh! And my hair is cut! For all of you who were worrying for the weddings I will be attending, my hair will be normal. ;)

Well, I am going to go for a run and not get swept away!


  1. Thanks again for helping make Easter celebrations away from home so fun!

  2. yea for internships! One day? Week? Month? Lifetime? Light year?

  3. Yeah, so I didn't do that right. I have an interview for an internship. I forgot a few words there...

    It will be interesting to see if I can drive there, as I don't have valid license plates as of tomorrow.

  4. I am surprised that you didn't write your paper on the Contrapolar Frequency Generator. This device is exactly the answer to the need for power management Binford Tools has been interested in this technology for quite some time.

  5. Sound like a wonderful Easter!! So happy you have been able to carry out traditions and find some new ways to share the celebrations! You still amaze me!

    Love your new living arrangements ... so close to school must be quite a relief!!

    P.S. I want photo proof of the hair ... just saying!!