Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Monsoon Season

Yesterday I was walking from School to my bus stop (which is now 3/4 of a mile away), it was raining. I am finding out this is a normal thing. It rains here all of the time. Interesting fact-oid Pittsburgh gets more rain than Seattle! Ha! Who would have thought. Anyway, I was wearing my 'Attitude' jacket that Mom and Dad got be back in November. It has proven to be a very nice jacket in the colder months, and is nice as a rain jacket without the inside lining. As I was walking in the heavy rain I realize a few things. One, my mohawk would have been really sad if it were up. Two, I am glad my bag is waterproof. Three, my shirt was getting wet from the rain sliding down the side of my head, down my neck and past the fortress of my coat. Four, I am glad I wear waterproof sandals, as I was faced with several larger-than-leaping pudles. And lastly, that my shorts, unlike most of my clothing, were not made for getting super wet.

As I got on the bus, it felt like I wet my pants. Everything from my waist down was thoroughly soaked. I did make it home just in time for the rain to stop. Completly. As I opened the door, I realized that the sun was out again. Silly rain.

Things are getting a little intense. Today I have my final test in Distributed Embedded Systems (it is in 30 minutes). Next week I have 3 presentations, one for each class. One homework due next week. This silly elevator needs to be done the week after. But I only have one 'final' final, which should be reasonable. I will be very happy when the next two weeks are over.

In other news: The trip to Ohio was great! Only sad part was that I did not get to see Cory. And holy proton, Melt was amazing. I did take pictures, but my camera is not with me... :( I think that I may have to take a trip out there later just to visit that place again.

Last night I made Quesadillas with Gwyn. They were great as always. Now that I think about it, I should post that recipe as well. I know... I am falling behind.

Ok, I should most likely look over some stuff before this test.

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  1. Should I send you Brian Soth's hip waders you used to wear helping clean the pond??? Great descriptive writing...

    And we will give you some slack the next few weeks on posting... anyone harassing you, just say, "My mom said so!!!" But I do want one quick one telling us about your Easter. ;-)