Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring is in the Air

Friends and Family, oh how I have missed you.

I am finishing up the third to last week of normal classes this semester. That means a few things:
1) I have been away from my computer to write everything down...
2) There are only Two regular weeks left.
3) I only have one final (I think)
4) But I have 3 presentations, and an Elevator to get working before the end of the two weeks.
5) Summer is approaching and I am still internshipless.

On that note, I would like to take a moment to thank all of you who have gone out of your way to do some leg work for me. I really do appreciate the long distance support.

6) Easter is almost here!

I got a box today with a Jabba the Hutt on it, which can only mean one thing: My mother sent me something. I am guessing she has an abundance of Episode I stickers that she is using up. I have received a Watto, a Battle Droid, a Queen Amidala... any way... off topic! In this box contained one of my all time favorite Easter things: Butterhorns! AH! I didn't think I was going to get any this year! Thank you Mom!! Also included were Robin Eggs (yes, my favorite Easter candy) and the Starburst Jelly Bean (which I will fight anyone who claims there are better Jelly Beans). Thank you mother! I am starting to get in the mood for such a great observance, some might argue that the point of the season is not childish Easter bunny things, that we should be focusing on the Cross, and the sacrifice of Jesus. I would argue that this box, while containing theologically trivial things, puts me right in to the Lenten spirit. It is like eating on of mothers Christmas sugar cookies, it takes me back to Christmas. The non-Jesus Easter things, puts me in the mindset of Sun Rise services and reflecting on how wonderful the life given to me is, how my transgressions have been spoken for... needless to say. I love Easter.

This evening I am leading yet another YadGrad movie night. We will be watching Equilibrium for those of you who are playing along at home.

Chelsea! and Caleb! I tried making X-Wing and Tie Fighter Cookies last night... I did something wrong, they are a little tricky to get right, and most of them were too thin... but still awesome! Thank you again! Also, I am extending the coveted gift of blog writer-ship to you, if you would like to write a post about your trip!

I have some great pictures of Skanda and myself. He needed a hair cut, and cut it in to a Mr. T Mohawk. It is awesome.

For those of you up to snuff with my younger maternal cousin, he is in Cleavland at the moment for a National Gymnastics competition. I may just have to head over to Cleavland to see him. I may just have to stop here as well....


  1. Oh .... your mother always knows just the right thing to do!!! I love your explanation of Easter ... very well said!

    Are you really considering going all the way to Cleveland??? I looked it up on the map a few days ago ... it is a LONG way. I know he would LOVE to see you, but I also know you have lots to get done in the next few weeks! Thanks for even considering it! We watched the meet online this morning and saw him quite a few times! His Bruin spirit was alive and well!! The meet tomorrow starts at 4pm EST - we will be cheering them on from afar! So excited for them ... so proud of them!

    Keep us posted on the internship front. I hope something perfect comes through for you!

    Love you lots!

  2. I am glad Jabba got his box to you safely. I just wish I could have included egg casserole :-) And Barrett wouldn't fit into the box! It sounds to me like you are in the perfect Easter mind set. I can't wait to hear how you celebrate in the 'burgh and if you go to a sunrise service.

    Last night I saw Michael Lesniak. I didn't realize that he and Linda grew up in Pittsburgh. He asked if you had tried Primanti's... little did he know! He thinks you should write apps for the summer. Evidently Apple can't keep up with the demand. He seems to think they may subcontract some of the work out and you could "work from home". Might be worth looking into.

    I have decided Skanda is a true friend if he let you cut his hair. Did it stay in the Mr T hawk, or did you continue cutting it??? He is going to have quite the stories of CMU and life with Scott... kind of like you and Trainer stories!!!

    Hope your road trip goes well... be sure to post (even a quick one) about it tomorrow night when you get back!

  3. Did you make it to melt bar and grill? looks intersting.