Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Yeah, that is right... (Star Wars reference for this auspicious of days).

Today at 7:35PM Skanda and myself heard great news: "Yep, you guys are good." This marked the end of our CMU 15-649 Distributed Embedded Systems Course. And it was a great one. Today and yesterday, we spent most of the day in lab working on things. At one point I had the simulator running continuously on 3 different machines. Turns out our design was good, and we got the final portfolio done as we were getting the code tested. All is well.

So we then had to celebrate. There is a little bit of a back story. A local bakery (Dozen) teamed up with Burgartory for a epic creation called the Chocolate Stout Cupcake Shake. Something about beer and cupcakes in a milkshake. This being made for a short time (and in honor of Mother's day) we had to go check it out. Skanda and I met up with Gwyn and headed over. I finished off the list with a Milk and Cereal shake (yes, I have had 6 different shakes there.... Favorites are the Coffee and Donut and the PBandJ) and Gwyn got the Cupcake monster. Both were great. Afterwards what else would we do on a Wednesday night? PIEROGIE NIGHT! We collected Sam and the four of us headed over to the Rock Room and enjoyed ourselves some tasty goodness.

So Distributed Systems: Done. Robot Ethics: Complete. All I have left is a paper for Power class and I am good to go! I also have an interview tomorrow. The interview on Tuesday went really well, they practically hired me before I walked in. So I have a job, but I still want to see what is going on with this other one, Ill keep you posted. Now it is time for bed... :)


  1. That's the way, the way I like it!!!!! Good news... good job!!!!! We are proud of you. Not so sure about your choice of milkshakes, but proud none the less.

  2. SO proud of you!!!! Scott, you are amazing! Keep up the good work, and it's wonderful to hear about the jobs :)

  3. Yaaaayyyyyy!! (or however you spell that!) Congrats!!