Saturday, October 23, 2010

Donut Dash. I came. I ran. I ate Donuts. I ran again.

Today was it! The Donut Dash at CMU.

The premise, for those of you who did not catch my previous post, is a joyful event put on by a frat here to help support the local children's hospital. There were 3 groups of participants. There were casual runners, people who were there to support the cause and have fun. They ran/walked the course and ate as many donuts as they wanted, or none if they wished. Then there were the teams, groups of 3 that worked together to win. They had to split a dozen krispy kreams, each person had to eat at least 2 donuts. Their time was based on the slowest person in the group. Then there were the few and proud, and the crazy. The competitive group. These were individuals who wanted to conquer this by themselves. They ran to the donuts, pounded down 12 of them, and then ran back. I was in this last group. I really should have found a team to be on...

So the course is around CMU's campus, the run itself was not too bad. I was able to make it to the donut station in 9 minutes. HA! Take that Mr. Hare (my middle school PE teacher. We had to run "miles." I was always last. It was a little sad.). I was not in fact last this time, I was not in the front, but I was not last. This is where the hard part started. When you get there you are handed a box full of donuts. I made it through the first 6 with no problem. But then it was a brick wall. Getting the last one down was rough. So after about 25 ish minutes of trying to eat pure sugar and fat, I headed off for the finish line. The last bit was remarkably easy. I was expecting running after eating the dozen was going to kill me, but it turned out fine. I would not want to have gone further, but it was fine.

My final time was somewhere between 39:30 and 40:00. The official times will be posted some time soon on the website. I was happy with how I did! I think I may have been one of the last people to finish, but then again I think only a handful of people did the full challenge. I think the majority of the 150 or so runners were on a team. For the record: I would have rocked the team run.

The final times were absurd. The Team winners were something like 11 minutes. and the individual guy won in something like 17 minutes. I was blown away buy those times.

Anyway. I can feel the diabetes coursing in to my veins. I don't think I am going to eat a donut for a long time.


  1. I am still laughing... you painted a great picture... I certainly have a visual image! Sound like fun, and something to look forward to next year on a team! Ask Auntie Donna... she will recommend drinking a diet Coke while you eat those donuts... I seem to remember her quote about that way the calories were negated! ;-)

  2. I am happy that someone remembered one of my pearls of wisdom .... I know that they are few and far between!!

    So I take it that you won't be eating any maple bacon bars anytime soon??!!

    Great job on setting out to accompish this spirited task! I would have been on the sidelines cheering you on if I had been there!!