Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Eve of the Fight

So tomorrow is my first test of my graduate career. I am slightly looking forward to it, only because I generally enjoy taking tests. That being said, it is going to be rough. It is in Machine Learning, the class that I am still struggling in, and it is open note/open book. I am looking forward to tomorrow at noon (that is when I will be done!).

In other news, I need to come up with a final Computational Photography project. I went in to talk to the professor about it today. The only requirments that I was given was that for Grad students, it needed to be more "research" oriented. I don't really know what that really means... But I presented 5 ideas to the professor. 5 ideas got a "oh... I like it, but that is not enough." or "The base of that project is too easy, but the extension is almost impossible." He then gave me a little lecture that eluded to ask for forgiveness later. He said that you can either follow the rules and meet them to get a good grade or you can go against the rules and make something amazing (that may be against the rules) to get a good grade. When he was finished going through this, I just sat there looking at him. He gave me one of his little quirky smiles and asked if there was anything else I needed.

AH! Undefined open ended problems! I love them and I hate them!

As I think more about what he said, I will update you as to what I am doing. However if you have any good Computational Photography projects, let me know!


  1. Hope the test goes well. I will have to adjust my prayer clock to remember you are three hours ahead. Probably should start about 5AM our time to help with a test in your time zone! Luck thing I get up early.

    Love the updates! And you have a source of Lizano in the burgh!!!!

    PS - I may have come up with quite a list for Cory for blog topics... but don't expect an equally long list for you of Computational Photography projects!!!!

  2. Well ... by now THE test should be over ... please don't keep us in suspense!!

    Yes ... I too, love the updates! I must say you are MUCH better at updates than my little Bruin! Maybe he needs some nudging (from someone other than his Mother!!)!

    What happened to my little tree update ...??? I came across this verse today, thought of you and lol!!! Read Mark 8:24 :)