Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If Quizes are Quizzical, then what are Tests?

It is a really good thing I do not drink. Being in this class would get really expensive, and I would be wasted by now. The test was rough. Out of the 16 pages, I left 2 entirely blank, and 3 were just filled with "stuff" I don't expect a ton of points, but it was better than nothing. From talking to others in the class, I don't think anyone did very well. But it is still not a very good feeling. Oh well. We will see how it goes.

In other news: Auntie Donna, I laughed quite a bit at the verse. For those of you not up to date on Hogle lore, My mother and Aunt went a little creative on Halloween, and made paper-mache costumes. My mother made an impressive Snow Man. My Aunt made a Tree costume, complete with leaves that had fallen in their yard (yes for those who are really paying attention, they were in New York at the time not California). When I first saw this picture, I thought there was something a little sad about a little girl dressing up as a tree. Anyways... it has been a point of continual bonding between my Aunt and I, mostly in the form of her reminding me of how cool trees are ;). "Every Tree Has Character" So the verse she sent me was Mark 8:24:

     He looked up and said, "I see people: they look like trees walking around."

So an update on the little tree that could: It is still chugging away.

Don't worry! I picked up the trash that was trying to suffocate it.

Its leaves are turning colors sort of like this one:

And another tree that caught my eye...

Apparently here in PA, their Evergreens also drop leaves.

Also Today is Larry's Birthday! So I made him a cake!

Not nearly as cool as the fabled "K" cake.

Yep, Funfetti on top of chocolate.


  1. So happy I could provide you a bit of entertainment after your not so happy test experience!!

    I do want to set something straight ... your mother's snowman might have been "impressive" ... but my beloved tree was more than just "a Tree costume". Someday you will understand.

    I am glad to see my little buddy is doing well! Thank you for being its little guardian angel. Something tells me that I / we should not get too attached ... I fear it may eventually go the way of my little hummingbirds :(

    The other trees are beautiful!! Please keep taking pics of them as they continue to change ... it is always SO fun to see the beautiful colors!!!

    Happy Birthday to Larry ... GREAT cake!! Does he know how lucky he is to have you living there?

    Happy Friday!!!


  2. P.S. Where in the Bible does it talk about snowmen???? Just saying!!

  3. I suppose the next thing she is going to say is it talks about "Happiness/ being happy" in the Bible, and there is no one named Jose!.... Who would name their bird Happy???? (Chris be happy she didn't name you that!!!)