Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another moment of rest

This past week I have been furiously trying to get everything done for school. I have looked up at the clock a few time and realized that it was far to late for me to be staying up. And I wake up just in time to get to school to start working again. I did find some time in there to have a good time helping Cory with a paper, and to catch up briefly with my dear Aunt. Yesterday I was able to turn in another Machine Learning Assignment, and post my computational photography project. And Friday there is no school! Yay!

This means that yet again, I have a nice "Calm in the storm." Last night I was able to go to the Vespers service at Shadyside, and then hang out with people afterwards. It was a very nice evening, lots of philisophical and theological discussion, mixed in with bashing on Bart for his ex-girlfriend experinces. After 6:00 PM, I did no school work, it was awesome.

As you can tell, this morning has been dedicated to updating you all with the events of my life. It has not been overly noteworthy, but fear not I am still greatly enjoying it here! I certainly miss home, and I miss all of you, but things are going well (except for Machine Learning, that is not going well... but I cannot really do much about that).

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  1. I am happy that you are happy... so we are happy together? :-)