Monday, October 25, 2010

It starts out Easy, Something Simple....

Here it goes again.

I hope at least someone gets the reference of the above...

The more important part is that I am about to start a job search again. This time for an internship for this summer. If any of you have suggestions, please let me know! I need all of the ideas I can get! I am open to just about anywhere seeing as I am on the east coast, and I would love to head towards home. That gives me just about all of the US! Really, If you have any suggestions, from what company I should talk to, to where should I be looking, anything would motivate me. If you know some, you should just skip Internet communication, and just call me (unless you are going to use Skype to call, then you can use the Internet...)

In other news:
I was walking around Wean Hall, and found this interesting, and amusing non-approved art:

  Complete with the camera, could only be improved with a Sentry Gun

For those of you who do not play video games, this is a well done reference to Portal. A game where the player can 'shoot' portals on to most surfaces. A link is made up between the two portals, and the player can 'jump' through. So these two portals appeared on different floors in the same staircase, showing what is seen out of the other one. I was rather impressed, seeing as it was made using sidewalk chalk.

This form of art is really common in Wean, the whole building is concrete or brick. In the stairwells people commonly write things in chalk (which is removed very once in a while...). Other things I have seen: A giant space invader (each brick was a pixel), a very long pascals triangle, random math equations, a series of 'Love me Tender' cartoons (one was a dinosaur, one was a bear, and one was a dragon). It has been cool to see the evolution of such things.


  1. Blizzard Entertainment ... you could come live with us!!!! :)

  2. Are you giving up on getting a Fellowship back there? I will put my feelers out...

    Love the portal!

  3. Mom: Yeah, it sort of fell through... He did not really seem too enthused; but, I will talk to the guy again if I get desperate.

    Auntie Donna: That would be awesome! Good reminder.

  4. What about a different location within Lockheed Martin??? Could be the step in the door for a job after grad school in a division that actually used your talents...

  5. I talked to a guy last night that was Trick-or-Treating with one of Dad's poker friends (Mike Savage) and all their kids. He is in the medical field and wondered if you were interested in medical robotics for your internship this summer. Sounded like it might be worth finding out more info if you are interested.