Monday, February 28, 2011

This gets easier and easier every time.

Some of you have been waiting for this a long time. Some of you have not.

As the pattern of my grooming tendencies have stayed fairly consistent over the past few years. The first day of school was the start of my beard. I let it go for a month or two, and then cut my 'almost-famous' (just like the Primanti's sandwich) Amish beard. This, mixed with my pre-Chelsea's wedding hair cut, left me looking rather shaggy. All of my classmates knew me with a beard. People at YadGrad could not imagine me without long hair. Well everything (except clogged arteries from Cookie Stuffed Cookies) fades away... and this past weekend -you may want to sit down (because, I know you are reading this standing up))- I got a hair cut.

I know. In my adult life, a hair cut is a big deal. So I went to Wal Mart and collected the supplies I needed: Black Hair dye, some Elmers, a few combs, a pack of cheap razors (thanks Dad to opening my eyes to cheap razors...), and a hair dryer. At this point, those who know me should be excited. Those who do not know me that well are most likely confused.

My two friends, the honorable Gwyn and Tracey, offered their help in obtaining my cause. I was a little nervous, as I had perviously trusted my head to only Jake and my mother (well, besides professionals). But the girls performed wonderfully.

That is right... Mohawk time!
So this fun took place in my bathroom, which is not known for its space. In fact, it is almost too small for just me. But with the help of an old file folder holder, and a re-purposing of shower space, Tracey and Gwyn were able to work the art of both Scissors, Clippers and Razors.

The prep work.
I think there was a comment about making paint brushes out of my hair...

Two things to note: First: Gwyn, you look way too excited... and Second, Awesome shirt.

Notice the pharaoh beard has been taken away...

I am fairly sure that is the most number of people that bathroom has ever contained at any one time.

And Tracey found my cloak.... :-)
As always, I have gotten some interesting and amusing responses. The best being a little girl who walked past me with a look of wonderment, stopped, turned to her mom and asked: "Why is that man's head all funny?" to which her mom said it was a mohawk, and that when she was young they were really popular... thanks lady.. your daughter was cute, you are just lame.

Last night (Sunday into Monday) Pittsburgh decided to re-enact the events of the Titanic, with my room playing the part of the ship. I was awoken at 5:30 by pouring rain. And not just a little bit, but enough that I could hear it in full surround sound. Then I noticed the plethora of flashes, and then what I am sure woke me up, the loud rumbles of really close thunder. It was rather impressive. I laid there for a good 30 minutes being amused by the light and sound show. But needless to say this morning it was still going on. Having the foreknowledge that a wet mohawk is a sad mohawk, I did not spike it... I will tomorrow though, even if I have to take an umbrella.


  1. So, what did the girls think when you were done??? I would love a camera following you for the next week. "the burgh" may not be as welcoming as Spokaloo... be careful on the bus!

  2. I think it is really funny that Gwyn is standing in the shower!!!

    Old file folder holder?? Please explain the use of such an item for this occasion!

    I am with your mother, I would like a roving camera following you this week!!

    Can hardly wait for the next post!!

    P.S. Glad you are experimenting with this (aka getting this out of your system again) before August ... just saying!!


  3. I am a little rusty with my styling skillz, so on Sunday there was a gap from the front part to the back part. They were concerned that the inconsistency was related to their work. I assured them that it was not. I think they approved. I think they both enjoyed the actual act of cutting my hair (maybe a little too much...).

    So far (you know... the whole 3 days I have had it) the general populace has been overwhelmingly approving. This morning on the way to the bus, I got a honk and thumbs up, on the ride I talked to a lady (I think named Carol) about hair styling... On Sunday, while sitting in 5 Guys I got a group of guys, from outside the restaurant, to cheer and give me the thumbs up (yes mom, they were Black, as you are worried I am going to be taken as a racist...).

    Ill post again in a week or two with more updates.

    Oh! The file folder... I needed something to sit on. A chair was going to be too big (and too tall... Gwyn and Tracey are not the tallest). So I needed a compact thing to sit on. I scavenged the basement and acquired a plastic file holder... it worked out ok.

  4. note that i have completely lost interest at the end there... my nails needed some attention!

  5. Take this in a positive way... Your before and after pics provided Stan and Laura with needed laughter after a taxing work day. What's the long term plan? Full head shave? Shorter 'hawk? Skull tattoo? I'm for the tattoo on your head that can covered by hair or hat as needed. I'm very free with advice for Mary's son's head. :-)
    Stan in Spokane

  6. Dye it greeeeeeeeennnnnn. Colors always get that 'punk rebel kid' reaction from respectable adults. And boo on no tri-hawk. Weak, man. Weak.

  7. I would go with green for St Pat's Day! Gwyn and Tracey I can't believe he got you into this too!!! So Jake has been replaced??? And note the sweating on your dear "Annie" Donna's part!!!!

  8. PS - Who is 42a0b916-4472-11e0-96ac-000f20980440??? I assume you have previous knowledge of the tri-hawk so infer it is a Zag??? And Mr. Steamroller, my friend???... I am not so sure you should be so free with your advice!!!! ;-)