Monday, February 21, 2011

PGH weather is a tease.

On Friday, it was a nice and glorious 60 degree, sunny, almost spring day. There were people outside having a good time, there were frisbees being thrown, there were girls sunbathing. It was refreshing.

So this morning, I didn't think twice about rocking my Keens. (my feet have been dying to be free again!) Yeah, that was a bad choice.

So when I got to school it was a little damp, as it had rained the night before. But there was no sign of snow at all. Around 2 ish, I walked from one building to another, and still did not notice anything. At 5:45 when I walked outside to go home, there was about 2.5 inches on the ground already. I don't know if it was because I was over being bothered by the inconvenience, or if I was just done being agitated for the day... I didn't really notice the longer than normal commute.

When I got of the bus, there was at least 3.5 inches on the ground. With the rapid deploment of snow, nothing was shoveled or cleared yet, so that meant a mile walk with sandals on! Yeah! I ran for part of the way to keep the blood moving :) I did stop long enough to snap this: 

Ok... that looked way cooler when I took it.
 Life is going ok, but busy. And frustrating. But nothing I can't handle.


  1. Have patience with Mother Nature :-) I walked out one day last spring in sandals and found myself in 6 inches in Spokane, but at least I only had to go as far as the parking lot. I can just see the new Keens ad for traction walking in the snow!!!! The people down the street on Dowling Ct. brought a truck load of snow in from the foothills and were building and snowman and having a snowball fight... "Annie" Donna wanted to join them!!!

    Sorry to hear life is busy and frustrating... but glad it is nothing you can't handle... you are ready for the challenge young Jedi master!!!

  2. You better believe I wanted to go play in the snow down the street ... I really did contemplate asking if I could join in, but thought the kids would think I was a bit odd!! There was "frost" on the windshield yesterday morning that I took a picture of so I could pretend like I was in the snow!!

    What I want to know is what kind of reaction did you get from people as they witnessed you walking down the street in shorts and sandals? I would love to have been walking behind you to listen to the comments and watch the double takes!! Hope you did not get frostbite, but more importantly, I hope you were able to throw a meaningful snowball at someone for me!!

    Love you!
    Auntie Donna

  3. Oh - forgot to tell you... your Aunt and her team were not doing too well in their basketball game on Sunday, so we did a modified version of Sam's family's rules... we did jumping jacks when the Bruins had the ball and push ups when the other team did (at least the push up part the last 2 minutes... we are old, remember). Our efforts at least got them into overtime... but alas we must not of had enough spirit and energy as they unfortunately lost. But we certainly tried.

    PS Auntie Donna disagrees... it was not about the lack of spirit!!!

  4. I just wrote a post about Pittsburgh weather and then read this. Now I feel like a copycat. But it is true, this weather is weird!

  5. I understand the weather far more than anything related to the classes you take. However, when you talk about your coursework (often just the names of the courses!) I am reminded of how my students feel when I'm talking fractions... a fuzzy brained stunned look reflecting a total absence of comprehension. Thank you for helping me be an understanding human. You truly must be a Jedi Master.