Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring Break Prep.

So next week.. nay, this Thursday at Noon my spring break begins. I have chosen to have a so called 'stay-cation' or a vacation to Pittsburgh!

I realized that there was a ton in this city that I have not experienced, and here is a perfect opportunity to go out and see the awesome things in this city.

So here is the first draft:
Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium (I might go on different days...)
Carnegie Science Center
Another Pass through the Natural History Museum
Another Pass through the Art Museum
The Mattress Factory (it is an art museum)
Strip District (again, I have not been in a long time)
Top of the Cathedral of Learning
Bringing TumbleWeed (my bike) out for a Ride
Taking a picture with every Dinosaur I can find.

EDIT(2/28 2:58PM): Frick Center

I am also going to try to incorporate food in to all of these trips. Should be fun. I am still in search of good mexican food... and I need to have some polish food at some point.

So look forward to next week's posts about Spring Break. I am setting a goal right now to post everyday. If there is anything you want to see, let me know. I just realized that this is going to be a trial run for Chelsea and Caleb's Spring break... except not as fun... because I will be hanging out by myself.


  1. FUN!!!!! I wish I could be there too. I want a summary each night of what you do! Hope you had a great weekend and game night at Mitch's :-)

  2. pictures pictures pictures!!! Wish I could be there too!! Maybe a little update on our tree?! Wonder if it survived the snow?

    FYI ... Cory got some text messages from friends down here that said it was snowing on Saturday night!! It was really cold, and the forecast said that there was snow predicted to get down to the 1500 ft. level .... so ... of course ... I had Uncle Jerry drive me around at midnight looking for this reported snow. Sadly, no luck. I think Cory's friends were messing with him! Or, maybe Cory was messing with me!! oh well.