Saturday, February 12, 2011


I know I have been stinking at posting. I can point to school for that, but I am guessing that it is almost fixed. Long story short, I was in a class that was way too hard for this guy. So I am hopefully getting in to one that I can handle. But that is not nearly as fun as what I am doing right now...

FRODOFEST! Everyone should know what that is. For those of you who are behind the times, it is a glorious event as a tribute to the grand story of Tolkien. Watching through all of them. Extended edition of course. If you are wondering that would be 12 hours of glory. At the moment Gandalf and Pippin just got to Minas Tirith, so 45 minutes in to the first of two disks of Return of the King. Don't worry Battle of Helms deep was epic as always. We have gathered here at Tracey's house, she and her parents have pulled out the stops. Including Lembas bread! It is awesome! Ill put up some pictures once I am home. There have been 5 of us here the whole time (interesting enough, besides me, all girls), and 3 others have been in and out (all guys...).  Oh! And Sam made a 'The One Ring' cake... I don't know what it looks like, but I am stoked to see it and taste it!

Auntie Donna, Mother, don't worry my cloak has gotten lots of compliments!

Well Frodo almost upset the Witch king... so I am going to get back to watching...

Things that should get posted soon:
Steelers (yes, an entire town can collectively mope)
Job fair (don't have a job yet...)
Dinner with Kendra!
Hanging out at the Art show with Gwyn.

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  1. Sounds like the good old days... how was the 'The One Ring' cake???