Tuesday, February 15, 2011

FRODOFEST 2011 Pictures!

So now that I have had time to upload them, here are some pictures!! If you want all of them, check them out here. If you don't know what FRODOFEST is... check this out.

Let's just start with the glorious food:
Lambas Bread!
Sausage biscuits for 1st breakfast!
Full breakfast spread. Thanks Tracey! And Tracey's Parents!

Beef Stew. Only would have been better with Rabbit.
Sam and her 'One Ring' cake. She would have put the script, but she used all of her black to make Steelers cookies the weekend before....
Then the event:
Just for you James Bronder.
Tracey's two dogs that joined us for the viewing
So it begins....
The 5 on the right stuck it out the whole time. Good work team.
Bart also joined us for some Two Tower Action.
The Aftermath:
Sam was so happy for it to be over!


  1. I was looking at the "Chelsea and Caleb" tab... how about Haufbrau House? Also I was glad the question was answered about how many PHGers read your blog.

    Maybe post more pictures on your tab of "The Fence" ... they are fun!!!

    And I am curious about you and your peers' conversations about Jeopardy and Watson!!!

  2. Can I just tell you ... I just had a moment ... tear in the eye / awwwww type moment ... you have your "cloak" I made you on which means that you took it all the way to the burgh with you!!! That makes me SO happy!!!

    I should have loaned you my leaf cookie cutter so you could have made little broach type cookies like a did for the Southwest FrodoFest a few years ago! They were quite the hit!!