Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Well Yinzers....

While my parents were here, I asked them to write the blog post about their time here. They sent me an awesome word document with images embedded in it, but the transfer to this is rough. I apologize in advance. Thanks mom and dad for an awesome time!! The following is their words.

Well yinzers, here is the long lost blog posting from the parents:

In the typical Scott tradition we will attempt to give you our version of “A day in the life of the tartan clad boy in the “burgh”.  

Scott picked up the weary travelers who had left Spokane in a snow storm and arrived at midnight!  He delivered us to Sunnyledge Hotel (a wonderful old home restored into a cozy Inn) and then left to get a few hours sleep before taking a friend to the airport at 4 AM! 

Wednesday was spent hoofin’ it... we saw the Carnegie Mellon campus, walked thru the Pitt campus and found ourselves having lunch at Primanti Brothers.  Here we experienced first hand a sandwich made in the Pittsburgh tradition of a thick slice of fresh French bread, meat of your choice, cheese, tomato and onions, a healthy handful of coleslaw topped with a not so healthy heaping handful of fries, and another slice of bread shoved on top in an attempt to hold it all together.  Truly a meal in and of itself.  From there we got to explore the Institute of Learning (fondly renamed by Scott, Cory and us as “Hogwarts”) It was a unique treat of architectural and cultural significance.  The outer rooms, each built to feel as though you were stepping into a room in another country, were open and decorated for Christmas.  (Scott has talked of this previously, and we would vote it a “Must See” if you are ever in the burgh).  We were able to attend the Thanksgiving service at Shadyside Church, and then dinner that night was at a former church turned into a brew works and pub where we had our first Pierogis.

 Thursday was a laid back morning for Scott to attempt some studying, and a wonderful Thanksgiving meal at Krissy’s (one of Scott’s friend’s from church).  She fixed turkey and all the trimmings, and we all had a wonderful feast and evening of socializing with friends from church and school.  Krissy pulled off a phenomenal meal all cooked in her small apartment and compact kitchen.

Friday was up the incline (a funicular with an awesome view of Heinz field - home of the Steelers) and PNB Park (home of the Pirates).  We then went down to the confluence where Fort Pitt and Fort Duquesne were, and learned some Pittsburgh history.   Then off to “The Strip District”... no this is not Pittsburgh’s red light district, it is a strip of small shops representing the many different ethnic groups in the area.  If you don’t know this... Pittsburgh is full of rabid Steelers fans, and I think every fourth shop was a Steelers’ gear outlet.  For dinner we headed to the Haufbrau House (yes there are 4 of these in the world, the most famous being in Munich).  Great Weiner schnitzel, spaetzel, and wursts.

Saturday we had breakfast at another of Pittsburgh’s iconic restaurants... Pamela’s... and then headed to the Heinz Center.  What an experience!  It covered everything from the French and Indian War and Pittsburgh’s role in the Revolutionary War, Lewis and Clark, etc. to two complete floors dedicated to Pittsburgh sports.  Seven hours later we emerged thankful for the time we spent there and headed to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner.

Sunday we were able to worship with Scott at Shadyside and met The Reverend Dr. M. Craig Barnes and his wife Dawne, two delightful people with ties to our friends Eric Peterson and Bill Robinson.  Unfortunately when the service was over it was time to make our way back to the airport for our flight home.  Incidentally, we both commented on the lack of extra holiday traffic at the airports we were in, both coming to and flying from Pittsburgh.

All in all we had a great time enjoying Scott’s World, his friends, his school, school mates, great food eateries, and what seems to be an enjoyable family tradition: museum touring. 

We landed home the same way we left it…
 in the snow!

Thank you Scott!  We’ll see you in Sunny California soon!


  1. I think it should be noted, that 'Yinzers' is not kosher.

    In the sentence:
    "Well yinzers, here is the long lost blog posting from the parents:"

    It really should be "Well yinz, here is the long..."

    The term 'yinzer' is specifically referring to a person who uses the Pittsburghese vernacular.

    Example: I met a yinzer dahntahn yesterday.

  2. If CMU students like to boast about how little sleep they got, you should make a tshirt with a little display screen or led lights (like the one you have that the heart lights up) that people could post their sleep time for the day. You could make a mint and pay off your student loans and then some!!!

  3. Mary, your house looks beautiful! So glad you had a great trip and could take the time off to visit Scott. Such a special treat for all of you.