Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Yep. I am done.

First Semester at Carnegie Mellon *check!*

Now bring on the holidays!

For those of you who were worried about my legendary test taking skills: yep, I still got them. Machine Learning Final: Done in 90 minutes, out of 180. Granted I will not get 100% on that test. Very similar to the mid term. There were 18 pages. I turned in about 7 pages of solid work, 7 pages of iffy work, and the other 4 pages were complete guesses.

So tomorrow I will be heading to the west! I am leaving bright and early... nope, take that back... dark and early (thanks Gwyn!) for San Diego, then on the Orange County. I am super excited for both!

During my travels I am going to be doing a fair amount of writing for this blog. I will be writing up some reflections of this past semester and being in Pittsburgh. If there is anything yinz want to know, pass it on.

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