Friday, December 17, 2010

Part the 5th: Summary, with Highlights

This has been a good semester. Those of you who knew me in the Tri Cities, you knew that I was sad, and a little depressed. This is certainly not the case here. Life is going well. I am learning a ton. I am experiencing a new place, and loving it. I am greatly enjoying CMU. I like the church I am at. I have made some friends, who are awesome people. We have had plenty of ridiculous adventures, and have plans for more. But don’t worry; I dearly miss a lot of you. I miss home (but as I am figuring out, I can always go back). I can’t wait to be back.  

If I had to make a trailer for this past year, here are the clips:
-Hanging out in the Wean cluster with Skanda
-Restaurants: Primanti Bro’s, O Shop, Chipotle, The Curch Brew Works, The HaufBrau Haus, MAXIMUM FLAVOR!
-Late nights in the attic, coding, having philosophical discussions with Jamie or scheming
-V for Vendetta
-Failed attempts at Culture
-Shadyside Sundays (church and YadGrad)
-The taste of Pittsburgh with Tracey, Gwyn and Sam
-My Parents Visiting
-Hanging out with Kendra
-Silly Youth Group events

The following would not be included
-Machine Learning causing sadness
-Being so far away from my family and friends
-Waiting for Buses
-“What? You can’t hang out because you have a girlfriend now?”
-My boots attempting to eat my foot
-Lame grocery stores
-Not living with like-minded individuals (but hopefully that might change soon)

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