Friday, December 17, 2010

La Jolla (pronounced with a "J" not an "H")

Haha... sort of sounds like a Christmas town.

I am currently sitting in the dining room of the Dembinski household, waiting for everyone to get up. I am still on east coast time.

As to the rest of my family having to work up until today, I decided to come visit Holly for a few days, then meet up with my kin in The OC.

We have had a great time so far, very relaxing, and very fun. Wednesday night Holly made a wonderful pot roast. Yesterday we ventured off to Balboa Park, walked around for a bit, checked out the science museum (would have like to have lingered there for a while, very fun.

I think today is going to be spent putting up their Christmas tree!

I hope you all enjoy my reflections. Let me know if I need to write a "Part the 6th" or an appendix :) To the Hogle Clan: Who is ready?


  1. Boy am I!!!!!! Counting not days,but hours... soon it will be minutes. :-)

  2. I AMMM!!!! Just get here already!