Monday, December 13, 2010

Snowy Monday

Apparently there was a winter storm warning for last night in to today. People are getting really excited that it was expected to snow 2 to 4 inches. I am looking out side and only see about an inch.... Lame.

Yesterday was a day full of Church and paper writing. In between the normal service, the Lessons and Carols service (Colbert's is way better... except the organist went nuts on a few songs, which was awesome.) and the YadGrad group, I worked on my final paper for Computational Photography. And I just realized that I never posted the link for that website!

You can check out my final project here. It should also be noted, that I added links between all of the projects, so if you missed any, you can check them out.

So, got that turned in last night, got my Ethnography final paper turned in last Friday... Hmmm.... what else do I have to do...

Oh yeah! A final in Machine Learning. This is going to be similar to the mid term, in that it will be open note, open book. And impossible. I have already accepted that I am going to do bad on it, so today I am going to review my notes, print of some materal, but I am not really all that worried about it. I found out this morning that Mitch and I did fairly well on the paper for our Elevator Optimization, which as he put: "Bodes well for a final grade."

I am going to trek out in to the wild to catch a bus to CMU so I can use their printer and not mine. There also may be one last stop at Maximum Flavor with Skanda.


  1. Sound like things are winding down nicely. I still think the Machine Learning class needs to include all the people who dropped it when it got too hard for them as part of the curve! Then you and Mitch would really shine as you should!!!

    Hopefully this "lame snow" doesn't suddenly curse you and all fall as you try to get out of the burgh on Wednesday! Hopefully you have a ride so you don't have to pay airport parking!!!

    Enjoy Maximum Flavor with Skanda... wish everyone well for the holidays. See you VERY soon.

    Love, One excited Momma :-)

  2. OK - posting the last post my "secret word" was undsme... any takers on a good meaning for that one? No I am not an "unsub" from Criminal Minds! If Pittsburghers would use that word, what would it mean???

  3. Which Skanda? The Skanda, a Hindu deity also known as Kartikeya and Murugan or the Skandha, which in Buddhist phenomenology and soteriology, are the five "aggregates" which categorize all individual experience?????

    A guy has to know so he can delineate between what you said and what you meant. ;-)


  4. Is Skanda the nice guy we met in the computer lab while we were there???

  5. I am going to catch up on my blog comments IN PERSON!!!!! Can't wait! SO glad you are done ... congratulations!!

    See you SOON!!

    "Annie Donna"

  6. Mom and Dad... Yes. (to mom's post, however I am sure he would be flattered, dad.)

    Auntie Donna! I KNOW! I AM EXCITED!