Monday, November 15, 2010

This Machine is trying to Kill me.

Well I just finished homework 4 for Machine Learning.

I attribute section 2, which I just finished (15 mins before class starts), to divine intervention. I don't know how I went from nothing on a program to a working EM implementation, with no debugging, in an hour.

This homework consumed my weekend, I spent a good 14 hours on it. But the rest of my time was awesome! Stay tuned later today to hear about Friday movie night, and my efforts to be come a Yinzer on Saturday.


  1. Divine intervention works... ask Chelsea and Penny about getting that couch into Ballard... I think you were there. They describe it as "It would not fit, they blinked, and it was in!!!"

    Sorry homework was so consuming... but WOOO HOOO you got it done!!!

    I am a little worried about you becoming a Yinzer, but we will have a little chat about that later :-)

  2. Oh boy... am I in trouble?

    Ha! You think Penny would lift a couch? Yes I was there. And yes, it was amazing.

  3. I'm going to tell Penny on you Scottie. But we did appreciate you helping us with that couch. Really we did.

    I'm glad you got your work done!