Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Let it be known

About my fellow peers:

I greatly respect my peers for their intellect, and their technical aptitude. They are truly in the top tier of their field, or are on track to be.

This being said. They have some major issues. Currently there is a guy who has been sitting in the cluster next to me for the past 30 minutes whining to his mother about how his advisor is being hard to get a hold of. He is applying to a bunch of really fancy PHD programs, but he cant handle filling out an application? Yes, I have called to vent to my mother before. I think she can back me up that traditionally get it out there, and I am good to go, 5-10 minutes max.  (well his is still going.... we are at 45 mins now...)

Oh, I am a huge fan of the guy sitting in the cluster, apparently thinking that no one was there, scratching. nay, full on touching himself. On that one, I was caught so off guard, that I almost yelled at him, but decided that it would be a bad idea. He kept on going for a good hour before I just left.

Part of my problem might be where I got to do all of my work. I don't have an office, so I get to use public clusters. Aka Undergrad clusters. There is a couple who frequents the cluster who I know way too much about. Way too much.

And last but certainly not least. (This guys actually makes my day) When he is working, every 10 or so minutes, he quickly rolls away from the table, and stands up. Sometimes he walks around the room, sometimes he just turns around in a circle (in place), then sits down. And keeps working. I am thinking this is his way of collecting his thoughts.

It may seem like I am being judgmental. However all of these people distract me. I am in a cluster to get work done. Not to be grossed out by young engineering love, or hear about some kids issues with life.

As one story goes. When a girl was asked about the overwhelming male to female ratio at CMU she replied: "Yeah, the odds are good. But the goods are really odd."

I generally liked GU engineers!

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