Saturday, November 6, 2010

Remember, Remember...

Yep, My mother is awesome. I know that most of you know that. But I am just saying it again. I received this shirt on Thursday, just in time to rock it on Guy Fawkes Night the next day.

As many of you know I love V for Vendetta, and many of you have joined me in the past celebrating either the movie or the actual night. This year I sent out a mass e-mail to all of the Shadyside people inviting them to join me in celebrating such an event.

Gwyn was kind enough to let us in to her house for the event, which Mr. Schwerin, Mr. L and myself quickly transformed in to a mini theater (I know... not as cool as my apartment in the Tri, but I didn't bring my projector with me):

I asked everyone to bring either a Revolutionary Food, or a British food item. There was Shepard's Pie, Hasty Pudding, Parkin (a traditional cake just for Guy Fawkes night), Some really good pumpkin muffins, corn bread, oreos and nilla wafers (I think they were just there... nothing British or Fawksian about oreos). My own contributions where Lenin Lemonade, and Gunpowder Chili:

Holly, you would have been happy, someone brought the fixings for Pimm's:

Other pictures:

Overall it was a great evening! Lots of fun, lots of conversation, lots of V. Great. All in all there were 9 people there, 2 of them had never seen the movie.

On a side note, yesterday was also the 55th anniversary of Doc Brown thinking of the Flux Capacitor! I should have had a Back to the Future Night!

Anyway... I spent all day (well 6 hours) at Mitch's house, working on our Machine Learning project. We did make progress, but we have a long way to go.

This evening was Randy's (another guy from Shadyside) birthday! And instead of waiting for his friends to plan a celebration, he just pulled out all of the stops with an amazing party. That is if amazing is determined by the quality of food, which I would like to say is the case. He, himself, made a plethora of tasty treats ranging from Bree Cranberry cups, Mini Quiche, a great pasta bake, glorious stuffed mushrooms, olives in a cheese puff ball and his very tasty meat balls in a special blueberry sauce. He also made 3 different types of brownies, a red velvet cake and a pumpkin butter cake. It was amazing. He has a gift. I felt rather inadequate. There were a number of people I actually knew! Which was great, another evening of good conversation and great food.


  1. Oh yeah, if you were wondering. In the 2nd picture: Yep... that is a battle ax pillow. Awesome.

  2. Caleb and I watched with you. Well, a few hours after you probably... and we didn't finish the movie friday night because we were preparing for cook day. But we finished Saturday, and that is better than nothing.

    I'm glad to hear the event went so well!

  3. Sounds like you have no problem finding social events when you want to!!! Two nights of fun... today is a day of rest??? And an extra hour of sleep thanks to changing clocks... hey that could be a party theme too!!!