Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In search of Ideas

Hello everyone. I am need of your help.

As many of you know, this friday is November the 5th. Also known as Guy Fawkes night. Seeing as lighting things on fire is not overly safe/legal, I am opting for an alternative celebration. I have organized a viewing of V for Vendetta (something that you should all watch... I know Alana has my back). Along with this I made it a requirment for people to bring 'Revolution' themed food.

So I am not feeling overly creative, and I know that you all can come up with better things than me (mom, I am looking at you. R2GU).

So what are your ideas for Revolution food?


  1. My first thought: You are back East... they called the Red Coats during the American Revolution "lobsterbacks" so I say go for lobster!

    I will keep thinking and get back to you.

  2. OK - so now I have done some thinking... not as good as R2GU, but possibilities none the less:
    * anything red, white and blue (for either American or French Revolution)... this could be red jello with white cool whip with blueberries
    * anything served on a lazy susan (revolutions turn things around)
    * Bolshevik Revolution: Lenin Lemonaide
    * Copernicus and his Revolutions of the Celestial Bodies... star shaped anything... maybe sugar cookies
    * Fawkes was born and educated in York... so York peppermint patties, or Yorkshire pudding
    * He was in charge of gunpowder/explosives... so maybe "explosive chili" and serve Beano with it. I would suggest something flaming, like Cherries Jubilee, but am a little worried that would get out of hand!
    * they burn him in effigy over a bonfire, so maybe something they can cook on a stick over the BBQ like Fawkes Franks
    * he was hung, so maybe something hanging from strings, like donuts

    This was not an easy one!!!! Hopefully something will strike a spark of creativity in you! :-)


  3. "1794: Protests over taxes leads to the Whiskey rebellion in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the Monongahela Valley. President George Washington invokes martial law and squashes insurrection with 13,000 troops."

    Sounds like Whiskey is in order, or maybe squash.

  4. Oh. my. goodness. Mother you are amazing, have I ever told you that?

    Everyone else, you need to pick it up a notch, she is winning.

  5. The rest of us just can't compare to the glory that is the vast creativeness of Mom's ideas. Sorry Scott, I fail. You could always serve tea and then tar and feather anyone who takes any?

  6. ditto Scott and Chelsea!! Scott, you can tell Jake that this is exactly why the song he chose for me was just WRONG!!!!!!

  7. I LOVE the tea idea!!! Good job Chelz!