Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Distractions.... Distractions...

So you may be wondering why there have not been very many posts.... that is due to the following:

- This past weekend Gwyn and I visited the historic Salem MA, we got to see lots of cool stuff, Pirates, Witches and gigantic pancakes.
- While there we picked up a new game 'Munchkins.' We of course had to go for the Munchkin Booty edition, aka PIRATES! It is a great game! You should all play it! We have been spending a lot of time playing it :)
-Magic. Not the tricks... nay Illusions! But the card game. as some of you know Gwyn was randomly interested last year, and now we are getting further entrenched. It is great.
- Dexter. Gwyn has been getting caught up. We are just about to finish up season 4.
-Work: its going great, but it is taking up some time.

Some time soon you may get to see some pictures... and you may even get some more cookies!


  1. Hmmm .... I was wondering what was going on! I think that is the quietest the Stained Tartan has ever been. :-)

    Counting the days until we ship off to Boston!!!

  2. Sharpen up your Carcasone skills... I scored a 33 point pasture to win by 2 tonight! Wahoo! Looking forward to seeing you and Gwyn.