Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Super Blogging Time (ISB-Anvil)

I have got a lot to cover! The past few weeks have been great! Gwyn and I took some relaxing weekend trips, I made some awesome cookies, and an awesome cake. My plants are huge! And I am writing this all on my new computer.

So for my birthday last year, I pooled my money and purchased a 2TB Western Digital hard drive. It was great... until it started dropping sectors. This was right as I was finishing up school, right as Skanda was tearing through Big Bang Theory. This is relevant because the bad sectors started right smack dab in the middle of season 3. I checked and found that the drive was covered under the warranty, and that I could get a replacement. But as I was leaving shortly to head back home, I decided that I would wait until I was settled in Boston.

So fast forward to the weekend after I got my furniture, I sent in a RMA for a new drive. It arrived a little later. I was able to recover most of the information off of it (most of it is redundantly backed up else where). And I was on my way. Until two weeks ago when this new drive started eating files. It got really bad, where every file I tried to access had a bad sector. Being frustrated with 100% failure rate, I decided that I just needed a new computer. My computer lasted me a good 4 years (which is a long time for me), and it is still kicking... just minus a storage drive. What is most amusing to me is that the main system drive is a 120GB Segate drive Gramps got me for my 16th birthday. It is still kicking, and has been the system drive on all of my computers since then. They don't make 'em like they used to...

So last week I excitedly got home from work to find this:
Yes, Diablo III is a necessary component.
The only problem was that I had to make a cake that day too... so the computer did wait a day before completion. But Wednesday of last week ISB-Anvil was constructed!

Intel i5-2500K CPU (3.60 GHZ Quad core)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX560 Ti
120GB OCZ Agility SSD
2TB Segate HHD
Blueray Burner
750W Power Supply
Fancy fully loaded Motherboard (Yeah for 6Gb/s SATA and USB3.0!)
Big Red Case

So what this all means: Encased in a near-silent (quieter than my laptop) case is a great machine that can go from shut off to playing Diablo III at full specs in 25 seconds. And there is some time in there for me to log in. I aimed for a system that was reasonable, but still packing a punch. I am super happy with everything so far, installation was really easy, cleanest build I have had. This is either parts are getting easier to integrate, or I am just getting better.

By my count this is my 8th computer build, and it was very much a success.

Anyway... this means that I have a lot of data that I have been working on recovering from my old PC, and I have stuff to set up. All getting in the way of blogging.

So on to that!

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  1. Wow! No wonder no posts. What a great sounding new system! And it is hard to believe it is your 8th... that averages about one a year. I remember previous ones on my dining room table that took a lot longer for you to figure out how to put together (and I was always worried you were going to electrocute yourself). Does this new one have a name??? It doesn't sound like a Frankenstein ;-)