Monday, June 25, 2012

Abe Lincoln could have done it.

Yesterday, Gwyn and I went and saw 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.' And it was exactly what I thought it would be: Awesome.

When I first saw a trailer for the film, I thought that Hollywood was stretching a little... that they were running out of good ideas. I could just envision a franchise of historical figures vs. mythical creatures remixes. I was less then excited.

Then Gwyn mentioned that it was based on a book, written by the same guy as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Interesting.... but still, I was not sold on the idea.

I don't remember what movie it was for, but while watching the trailers, I saw, for another time, the trailer, and looked a little closer. Hmmm... my interest was piqued. Then a few weeks later when I, yet again, saw a trailer, I was actually excited to see the movie.

So we found ourselves at the Burlington theater right after church for a matinee showing. And we left, both stoked. I think it can be summed up by Gwyn: "What was there not to like?"

Personally I really enjoyed the cinematography, they presented a beautiful story that never did look modern, but still looked very clean, almost classic. The visuals were stunning, and the action was exciting. I thought the story could have used an extra 15 minutes of exposition, and possibly some more historical tie-ins, but very entertaining, and even though you knew the outcome  (the North wins the civil war) there were still plenty of surprising plot twist. And the action. So. freaking. sweet. I could watch that all day long. The fight screens were so fun to watch.

I know I don't normally go in to such detail about a movie I just watched, but I feel as though the media is bashing this movie as bad... it was far from that. If you go with the expectation that you are going to see an alternate history involving a vampire ruled south, and the resulting carnage Abe sets forth (both personally and militantly) you are in for a treat. If you are expecting a satire or a comedy film (what I think film critics were) you are going to be let down... there is little humor, and it is presented seriously (making it even more believable).

In short: Mom, you would not like it, too much vampire blood. Dad, you would really enjoy it. Both for the alternate history, and the sweet, sweet action.

All in all, I am starting my beard right now... it should be done in time for Halloween.

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