Saturday, June 23, 2012

Man, it's a Hot one...

like seven inches from the midday sun.

10 points to whoever can name where that comes from!

Seriously though.. it is hot. Since Wednesday, it has been 95+ in the afternoon with crazy high humidity (well high for me, some crazy people think it is nice outside). Gross.

Anyway, last night Gwyn and I got to go over to Kita's house for a little Barbecue before heading to a wonderful show. The food was great, the company was wonderful, and the over all evening was super relaxing.

The particular band we were going to see was Darlingside, you may remember I mentioned them a little bit ago. I like them even more now. They put on a great show and sound great. They play so well together. Gwyn mentioned that their recorded music does not do them justice. There is just so much energy. Personal favorite: the classical cello/violin break down, and then the resulting blow your face of, soaring entry. I love it.

It was a great night!

Today we are just taking it easy as it is slowly reaching back up in to the 'Seriously? You have to be joking' heat region.


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  2. Smooth... Santana

    Let's forget about it...