Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Soft Week

I hope you all enjoyed Gwyn's first post! She had fun writing it, and I am told there is more on the way... possibly even pictures of The Coat Factory post her moving in!

Last week was great for me! I got to hang out with Colson and be part of his trivia night! Thanks again Colson, that was great to get to hang out with you! Then later in the week I got to check off more locations in the Hogle travel guide. I got a tour of my mom's elementary stomping grounds... including the MASSIVE hill her house was on (it was about a .5 degree incline... barely enough to notice it was a hill), but then I got to enjoy a lovely meal with Grandma and Gramps in Morgan Hill. It was great to see them! Just those two visits made the whole trip worth it!

I also learned a ton about GPUs... really impressive tools if you can get your data to fit the architecture.

This past weekend was nice and easy, Gwyn and I played a lot of games and watched movies and TV. It was great after being away the week before.

Lastly I will leave you with some pictures:

This picture was taken... you all know what that means.
Dinner on Monday. That lettuce, from the garden!

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  1. Self portrait is often a sign of a hawk coming???!!!!

    And I think plate tectonics discuss the sinking of the land around the San Andreas Fault... which according to the Great Herbwa, ran right down the middle of Blossom Acres Drive... thus the reason the hill is shrinking!!!!