Friday, February 10, 2012


So I am currently sitting in the lovely dining room of the hotel enjoying pig in a blanket. And I am sitting next to 3 people, an older guy, I assume his wife, and 40 ish year old guy. They have sat next to me for the past two days. And their conversations are just annoying. If I was a little more vocal I might tell them. The younger guy reminds me of Larry, very opinionated, and in his view always right, and he wants everyone to know it. He also keeps building up the past, like 'it was a whole 'nother time' and 'things changed fast...' This mornings topic of conversation is 'cheating the system' from toll roads, parking, speeding tickets (he spent awhile bashing the UKs practice of speed and red light cameras everywhere, and then spent a while talking about, rather illegal, ways of getting past it), and now they are talking about evading taxes...  dang. The older guy seems very gullible, he does not protest at all, and is very attentive to the younger guy. The wife is not interested at all, she keeps changing the subject to other things like the weather or traffic, or people they collectively know.

I am sure they are all lovely people. I should not judge.

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