Friday, February 10, 2012

Boston: First Week.

A lot of this past week has been spent in odd limbo... not quite on vacation, but certainly not working.

So Monday at 10:00 AM we got our keys to The Coat Factory. Interestingly they are electronic keys. They are these black plastic things with a smooth cylinder that gets inserted in to the lock, then electronically opens the lock. The apartment is great! It is facing away from the rest of the complex so we get a nice view off trees and whatnot, we spent a while just walking around the place...

...or pretending to wake up.
We unloaded my car with all off my stuff, making rather short work of it. Then spent a little time putting stuff away, and then enjoyed our first meal in the apartment:
Then, of course, there was a game of Carcassone to fully christen the space. After all of the festivities, I took Gwyn to the airport.

So since then, highlights: Internet in the apartment. New Tv. Putting up pictures. Bike riding.

Oh! Ok, so I rode my bike around the complex, and found this little road that cuts behind the major shopping center. Turns out there is a whole bunch of stuff right there, including 'Market Basket' what looks like a really nice grocery store! I am stoked! I get to keep biking for food! There is also a 5 Guys, a Trader Joes, Bed Bath and Beyond, Jo Anne Fabrics, Old Navy... just about everything I need! It was so exciting!

So other stuff:
Big Bang on the new TV. No furniture to sit on makes it weird.
I found this guy crawling out of my stuff... Ugg. He is dead now.
Other news: Today (in a few hours) I am going to go enjoy some Star Wars action. Then heading to Costco, then to Burlington Presbyterian Church for Friday game night! I am stoked.

In addition, my stuff is not supposed to get here until the 17th. :( and I get to start work on Monday, so there is going to be a few days of hotel living left. And dinners like this:

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