Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Coat Factory: Episode 1

This is the very first blog post from 'The Coat Factory!' There was just a guy in here who set up the internet, so now I can do one more thing in my apartment... surf the web. While sitting on the floor. With a blue cat5 cable running down the hallway. I need some furniture.

This is going to be short, because I am about to leave, but stay tuned: There is going to be a few changes to Stained Tartan. Got to keep up with the interweb.


  1. so I was wondering what the interweb was.

    The interconnected webworks of webworks.
    The place you go when you click the big blue E on your screen. Sometimes, when your on there, naked pictures come up, or baloons telling you that you are a winner, other times you get a strange error, and your computer turns off.
    Look mom I told you, just click the dang E..
    "What E!?"
    "oh that one....okay...something happened"
    Did the window open up?
    "Window? What window, the screen changed..."
    Yes okay...good, now type in lets say...google into the address bar.
    "The wh..who..where?"
    Good Lord..you are SO not prepared for the interweb..
    "I thought it was called the internet?"
    No mom, no, no, no.


  2. Am I the "mom" in this scenario???!!! Mr. Fork, I really need to talk with you about letting the world infer from your post that I am inept with technology!!!

  3. no not you Mary, simply a generic "Mom".
    The forK