Thursday, February 23, 2012

Banff Film with a Sandwich

For the past week, there have been showing of the finals in the Banff Mountain Film Festival showing in Arlington. Wes, who is a big outdoorsy guy acquired a pair of tickets and asked if I wanted to go. I said of  course. He has been going on and on about this place in Cambridge called Deli icious, so we went their before the show. It was great! I am going to have to go back. They have a huge selection of different amazing sounding sandwiches. I took advantage of the 'Pittsburgh Pirate' (of course...) Steak sandwich with fries, slaw, and they added 1000 island. It was no Primanti's, but still a great sandwich. Ill have to be making a few trips back.

The film festival was also great! So all in all a great evening.

Tonight I have been taking it easy, getting my apartment back in order after being out last night, and having things left over from Pancake day! I got caught up with The Walking Dead. Such a great show! I know I have been promising pictures... and I still am, I am still trying to get all of my computers lined up for that. More to follow this weekend!


  1. The banff film festival is one of my favorite events all year...I'm going again in the Burgh this year on Easter weekend!

  2. YAY for sandwiches with fries and slaw... I think you will always have fond memories of "the burgh" when you eat them :-) Sounds like you had a fun week. Can't wait to see the pics!