Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Dunedain have fought their last battle...

My Robot class is done. Today was the final competition. I would like to say that we killed it, but we did not... our robot(s) decided to puke and decided not to work. Oh well. We got near perfect score for the entire class, but this final competition proved to break our localization in the maze. We just kept running in to walls.

Because of this being over, I am practically done with school. I have one test, next Wednesday (ill have to study on Monday and Tuesday) but it should be ok.

So on to bigger and better things. I started earnestly packing this evening. For the record: I have 79 t shirts here in Pittsburgh. I was blown away by the giant pile on my bed as I was pulling out all of them. I know my mother is going to be rolling her eyes at this, but it goes to show that I really do enjoy T-Shirts. It is true. I love them. They are just so simple, and diverse... they complete my style. And now a side note: If you are someone who has given me a shirt, I try really hard to wear my shirt around you to show my appreciation; however, this winter break I am going to have to limit the number of shirts I bring back with me... this means that I cannot bring them all with me, and this means that you should not feel bad if you don't see me wear a shirt you gave me. I just cant help it.

For those keeping score at home: My father is by far my favorite shirt giver. He finds the best ones. At the moment I am wearing one he gave me, and it is one of my top 5 favorites. It is a black (imaging that...) shirt with a stylized Darth Vader with the caption N00B I am your Father. It was my introduction in to the J!NX counter-culture, a relationship that had been a good one.

I also want to be clear that just because I have a lot does not mean that I am not excited for the next new print or design. I love getting and wearing new shirts! I just need to find time for all of my old ones.

I know I am jumping around a lot -this may be because it is almost 2 and I am still up- but this evening I got to enjoy a lovely dinner and game with Ryan, Debbie and Gwyn. Debbie made us wonderful Waffles and we dived in to 'Shadows over Camelot.' This is a great game! It is cooperative, so that either everyone wins or everyone loses! So much fun! You assume the role of a knight of the round table, and the knights have to complete quests and fend off their foes to secure Camelot. The cooperation adds for a much different style of play, a lot of strategy and team work. It is great! I am so excited about this that I am throwing it out there that my holiday budget is shot... but if someone else (especially in my immediate family) wanted to fund a great group game for this holiday season you should click on that link above! (Dad! There is no robber, there is no blocked pastures... there are no coffee beans... No one else will pick on you! You would love it!) Ok, enough of that. If anyone gets a chance to play it, don't back down.

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  1. ...but can you wear t-shirts while you play the game???