Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My last few days in Pittsburgh

I should say first that I will be back in January or February, so it is not like I will never come back... but I have been in count down mode for a while now. Thursday is the day! I am excited to come home, but I am also sad to leave this place.

Most of my stuff is already at Gwyn's house, her mother has graciously allowed me to leave it in their guest bedroom. The past few days have been spent packing and visiting my last few favorite places. This morning I am enjoying Pamela's one more time with Skanda.

This past weekend was great! I was part of the Pittsburgh First Lego League as a software judge. If you do not know what the First organization is, you should. It is amazing. I really do wish that it was around when I was going through school, it would have been great! The idea is to give children the ability to explore robotics and engineering on their own level. There are three competitions aimed at elementary, middle and high school aged levels. The elementary kids get to use the Lego NXT system to compete in a series of objectives. It is down right impressive. Ill post more about this later when I get the pictures uploaded.

After I got home from that, Skanda and Gwyn helped me transport my dresser to a very nice lady that I connected with on Craigslist. There was some confusion on my dresser situation, and I think I have a picture:

That is my dresser. It served me well. But it is larger that I can fit in my car, so it needed to be gotten rid of. And it want not too expensive when I got it, and I sold it for 50% of what I paid for it. I was happy with the whole system, and am always happy (well kind of... Larry lame explanation of his house lead to me living 45 mins away from school for a year) with c-list.

After that Gwyn and I had a date night! It was awesome! It was our last date/her birthday/Christmas gift date! We headed off to Spoon, a fancy restaurant that only uses locally sourced food. As expected it was amazing. Afterwards we took an impromptu Christmas light driving tour of Pittsburgh. We started driving around in my car, but then quickly decided to upgrade. We stopped by the Rohrer residence to grab blankets, coats, hats and gloves and jumped in the batmobile for a brisk (yet still comfortable) open air light right. It was so much fun!

Well I need to go take a shower so we can make it to Pamela's before it is no longer breakfast time, but lunch time...

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  1. Tomorrow is your last test if I remember right... then you "walk"... That could mean walk across the stage to pick up your diploma, or in your case walk right out of there to a plane to come home :-) We are excited and even have the fridge stocked with eggnog.

    The big question is: Will this be the end of the "Stained Tartan"??? I hope not.