Thursday, January 6, 2011

So far a great year.

I am sitting here in my living room for the last evening. When I say 'my living room,' I mean in Colbert. I have three bags and my 'bag' bag packed and sitting in front of me, all ready to head off to the airport tomorrow. Bitter sweet; yes, very much so.

I am really excited about what is in store for me this next semester. I feel as though I am comfortable enough with my surroundings and the friends that I have made to really start having fun. I am excited about another round of classes, I am excited to be challenged again. I am excited about planning more fun events (Flogging Molly, Frodo fest, and my first Cinematic Adventure night).

However I am sad to leave. It might be apparent that I have been having too much fun as to the number of posts I have made in the past 3 weeks. Almost none.... sorry! I am in vacation mode. Thinking about it, I don't really know if I am motivated to write up the past few weeks in detail. Most of my audience was there... except for Stan (and I talked to you too!! :) ).

So briefly:
I got to hang out with Holly in San Diego.
Met up with the Hogle clan in the OC. Highlights include: Hogle Shirts, Boating, Disneyland in the rain, Christmas, MERRY STARCRAFT!!! , lots of pictures, lots of laughs, lots of fun.
Relaxing in Spokane with my parents
Hot Tubbing and Tostadas (Daren, Drew, Ryan, Kurt and Nick)
Lots of Snow
Holly coming up here for New Years
New Years
Lady Zags game

If you want details about any of the above, let me know... I would be glad to elaborate, I just don't know who would want to know.

So this Tuesday I got to head over to Gig Harbor and visit my dear friend Jessie. It was wonderful. Tuesday afternoon and evening I got to watch the interesting process of youth ministry at Chapel Hill Pres, including a leader meeting, which very much reminded me of Colbert meetings. Afterwards Jessie and I headed over to 'The Tides' for some evening libations and Nachos. In the morning a trip to Kelly's for breakfast, a walk around the harbor, and then a little adventure down to the beach near here house and in to Kopachuck state park. Oh, it should be stated: as normal for time spent with Jessie, there was lots of great conversation and lots of laughing. There may or may not be some sweet pictures too, but my camera is packed away, and I don't really want to get it out.

On my way back home, I found myself centering around an interesting revelation: there is something to be said about time spent with long standing friends as opposed to fairly new friends. This may seem blatantly obvious, and it is, however the difference was greatly pronounced in my little trip. Because of my 'new' situation in PGH, I had sort of forgotten what it was like to be around well established friends. In Pittsburgh, I am still figuring out people, I am finding out how people react to things, I am finding who is good to talk to about different things, and who is comfortable with what. I am trying to build up the understanding of relationships there. I greatly value this, and I do enjoy this; but the contrast was great after being around Jessie. I have known Jessie for quite some time, and consider her a close friend. We have an understanding of each other that makes time in proximity 'easy' (for lack of a better word). This comfort is something that I didn't know I missed, I had not really identified it at all...

This leads to two quick conclusions: 1) I need to spend more time around my friends (not that I have been avoiding you guys... quiet the opposite, more of we all have things going on. Just it would be awesome to hang out! Jamie, Dannica and Bill, I am looking at you) and 2) I cannot wait for relationships in the 'Burgh to get to that level.

Anyway, Thanks Jessie! It was totally awesome! We should do it again sometime.

I think on that note, it is time for my last slumber on the west coast for a while. 

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  1. Cannot wait to come visit you, Scott! What you said about missing long-standing friends, I feel the same way. We all had such a close connection. Even the friends I've made in Colorado are not the same.