Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In Honor of Rev. King.

I know I promissed an overview of my classes... so here they are:

16-711: Kinematics, Dynamic Systems and Control
On of the first technical Robotics institute classes that I am taking. The basic idea of the course is how to program robots to move. Something that I tried to do with the Herak robot, but as we found out, was a little (a lot) harder than it seemed. The course is going to be taught by two professors, but we have only had one in class so far, he is a rather amusing lecturer. In the two whole lectures we have had, I have learned a lot. This class is going to be really hard, and really fun. First homework assignment, get this simulation going... I programmed it to wave at you! I think next week that arm will be following a trajectory and ballancing (like a human... we will see).

If you really want to see more, here is the class website.

18-649: Distributed Embedded Systems
One of my favorite classes at GU was Embedded System Design with Dr. T. We are going to be looking at how to propperly implement a large scale distributed embedded system, as a case study we are going to be using an elevator to test the process. So an entire elevator system will be simulated, from the lights in the buttons to the doors and the motion of the car. So far it has been an interesting class, I am still getting used to the teaching style. The project so far seems like a experiance in self discovery (that is not entirely true... the professor has given us a lot of information on how to get the ball rolling). I am sure this one is going to get interesting, I'll be sure keep you all updated.

If you want to see more on this one.

Then last, but not least:
16-899E: Ethics and Robotics
This is.... going to get finished later... I have to go to class!


  1. You should make it juggle!!!

    Glad you noticed the time... it happens to me all the time when I am on the computer... you look up and,"Oh crud! Look what time it is!!!" Especially bad at school when you are supposed to be picking your kids up from PE!

    Your classes sound right up your alley... should be challenging and fun. No one can accuse you of taking Underwater Basket Weaving! Good for you!!!

  2. The way the robot waves reminds me of Sheldon and his "bazinga"s and just the way he moves in general. Good work!