Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dang. I need some sleep.

So I have not forgotten about all of you. School tried to... nope it did... take my attention for the entire duration of Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Of course with the exception of church on Sunday and the last half of the Steelers game... HERE WE GO! Ill post more on this topic later.

As a brief update:
- I turned in my first Kinematics assignment. Only 3/4 of it was done. Sad Day. It was an exercise in illdefinded project scope, a lack of connection on my part, and a general steep learning curve. I could post the webpage for it, but to be honest it is not worth sharing.
 - What is worth sharing is my posts for this weeks Robotic Ethics assignment. The reading was super interesting, about the fopa that was Cold Fusion. And how that supposed 'finding' re-shaped the scientific community. You can find some cartographic maps of boundary shaping events here. You can also get the original reading too... super interesting. (you know, if you have a hour or so to read)
- In the next 48 hours (most likely in the next 4) I will post about the past two weeks! I never did tell you about Ashland! Oh boy... you are in for a treat!

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