Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ethics and Robotics

So to finish...

16-899E: Ethics and Robotics
This is a new class, both at CMU and in general in academia. Not to many people are sitting down to talk about this realm of ethics. The class is a heavy discussion based class, both in class and for homework. In class we sit around and talk about the readings we do, very openly, sort of like a round table! There are about 8 people in the class so it makes it easy. For the homework, we are assigned readings and asked fairly open ended questions to respond to. The cool thing about this class, the professor wants it to be an 'open' class. His idea is that we are going to be shaping this little niche in academics, so he is having all of our assignments open to the public. Yep, you can see what I turned in for homework today, as well as other peoples stuff. You can even read the literature we are (it is posted online) and respond if you got really ambitious. If you want to see more, check it out!

Gramps, you would love this class, it is glorified Big Dog Talk!

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  1. Well I expect that you will use all the skills that you learned in the car and you will also be wary of the instructor putting out red herring. Sounds like real fun.