Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I would just like to welcome everyone to the new year. As per tradition, the Griffith and Laiho families came together to 'bring in the new year.' Like last year, Holly was able to join us. It was great. High light would have to be to 2-0 Guys cranium record. Good work Men!

Well before I go grab me some Strawberry waffles, I leave you with two quotes that I heard last night.

Via Text:
Tracey: Happy New Year from Florida!
Me: Yay! Silly east coast. How is 2011?
Tracey: It is so much better than 2010. Just wait you'll see. We have Flying cars now! ;P

and My father while toasting right after midnight: "Happy Birthday!"
Me: "Dad... that was Christmas, Jesus was born on Christmas day."
Dad: "No... isn't there something about a birthday here?"


  1. The birth of a new year :-) And it looks like it will be a good one!!! Happy New Year to all!!!

  2. yea... what she said! :-0