Sunday, August 5, 2012

Movie Going First

So this past week, my friends and I went out and saw Ted. It is a new slapstick, crude romantic comedy that stars Mr. Wahlburg and Seth MacFarlane. If you don't recognize that last name, you most likely won't really find the movie amusing, MacFarlane is the creator of Family Guy, something that this movie shares a lot in common with. On par with my feelings for the genre, I was not a huge fan, I laughed a lot, it was in fact funny, but I walk out feeling unfulfilled and kind of dirty.

Anyway... this is not really about the movie, it was about the location. We were seeing this movie at the Somerville theater, in apparently, historic Davis square.

Side note: Before we went to the movie, we hit up Anna's Taqueria, touted by Bostonians as the best Mexican in town. I should have known not to trust the word of east coasters. It was not bad, but it was certainly lacking. I felt that Taco Del Mar could have done better. On with the story...

So the Somerville Theater is a theater, in the old sense, you walk in under a marquee, and are greeted by an old tyme feeling. The main room is more of an opera room. I saw Billy Brag here, they just pull up the main screen and they have a full stage. Other amenities in the theater include an over arching owl theme, the museum of bad art, and beer.

So Ted began, and we started watching this story of how a boy who does not have any friends, so he wishes for one, and his teddy bear becomes animated (Ted). The we have this title sequence that is a montage of John and Ted growing up together. From the get go, you are well aware of the setting of the film: Boston. Eventually there is a pivotal scene in Fenway, there are scenes driving around the iconic parts of town. Anyway. In this first montage, John and Ted are waiting in line for Phantom Menace AT THE SOMERVILLE THEATER. AH! It was weird and cool and awesome all at the same time. The whole room (which had maybe 40 people in it) all came to the realization at the same time. Awesome.

First this summer I got to see Pittsburgh in all of its glory in Batman, now I was sitting in a theater watching a movie... filmed at the theater.


  1. Great post- but lets stop bashing the east coasters!! We are people too you know.

  2. YAY Taco Del Mar!!! Where does it fit on the list (of Spokane Restaurants you want to eat at)??? That should be a post topic... restaurants you wish you had time to eat at in Spokane when you are here in Oct. :-)