Thursday, August 30, 2012

Found: A BookShelf

A few weeks ago Gwyn and I visited IKEA to get me some dressers... HA! That is right! I never told you guys: I finally bought dressers! For the first time in my life I bought dressers that I intend to keep for a while. The long story here is that when I moved to the Tri Cities, I acquired a whole bunch of furniture, like a nice desk, nice couches, a awesome table/chair set, coffee tables and a bed, but I never did get a bed frame or dressers. This meant that my bed sat on the floor and my clothes were kept in makeshift cardboard shelves that I made from old boxes. In my two bedroom apartment, where one bedroom was my 'office/lab' and the other was my bedroom, my bedroom had no real furniture, but the rest of my apartment was very comfortably furnished.

Well... when I went to Pittsburgh, all of my furniture was distributed to my parents house and Chelsea and Caleb's house. At Larry's house, he had a dresser for me to use, and when living with Skanda, I bought a cheap dresser that I was planning on selling when I moved out (as it turns out, for 100% the cost). So here in Boston, my room, while having 1.5 walls taken up by a desk, there was not really any furniture.

Thus the trip to IKEA. An now I have two lovely dressers! And they look great! They are Red!

Ok, so while we were at IKEA, I was also looking for a book shelf, I have a corner with boxes that should go somewhere, but I have no place to put them! There was a cheap shelf that I was going to get, but they were sold out. So I went home sad. But the very next morning I walked past the dumpster to see a very used bookshelf. Judging by the crayon marks, it looked like it was a small child's at one point. But I figured that some sanding and a fresh coat of paint would make it perfect for my room.

So here are some pictures of the process:
Post Sanding. About to get a first coat of black.

Pro Tip: Use sleeves of old T shirts for head bands.

Reminds me of CJM

Keep posted. It only needs to be taped and then one more coat and then it is all done!

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  1. Love the headband! ;-)
    I could say, "It's about time" that you got a dresser... but instead I will congratulate you on not only getting a dresser (and literally recycling your old ones) but that you also made a super "find" on a bookshelf. Way to go. Can't wait to see them in their new spots in your room.