Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cake Balls from a Pan

This happened awhile ago, but these pictures are great!

For Christmas my lovely Cousins gave me, among other things, a cake ball pan. I had been itching to use this rather unique cooking implement. One of my coworkers had a birthday. I had been making a lot of letter cakes. So this was a perfect opportunity.

I am just going to throw out these pictures without too much cometary, so I can get to the rest of the blog posts!

The pan, comes apart so you can get the batter in there.

Little Cake Balls!

They cook over and make little cake cups. Very good for snacking.

Candy Coating

Decoration Department.

Final Product

Notice how there is just random sprinkles on top? Yeah, that was supposed to be letters, but due to the absurd humidity of the East Coast, the sprinkles just stuck. All over. They still looked fine though, and everyone liked them! For those of you who have made cake balls, these end up being much more light and airy, instead of the sometimes frosting heavy cake balls.

Thanks to the Tomlinson Family!

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  1. My theory in art and cooking: Don't tell people what it is supposed to look like... just enjoy the end result. If you were trying to draw a dog, and someone says, "Nice horse", then just say thanks! Same with food. Especially, in my experience, cake balls!!! They LOOK great, and if they tasted good, then the judges give you an A.