Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wes' Pizza

This happened a while ago, but it is worth sharing.

Wes and I have been on a quest to find good solid pizza. Everything here seems to be hoity toity, 'Italian' or super low quality. We just want good ol' American Pizza. We would be ok with deep dish, we would be ok with NY style, we would be ok with what I call Parlor pizza (something no one knows of over here... I oddly miss 5 Mile Heights). So in this search Wes has been thinking a lot Chicago style pizza. He goes on and on about the tomatoes, and the cheese, and the dough... it all sounds great!

So this pining came to a head when one day he looked at me and said: "Hey, we are going to get Chicago pizza shipped to your place." 48 hours Wes, Marissa and I walked up the stairs to see a large box sitting in front of my door.
There was a 'opening' anthem sounded right about here....

Wes got 2 Roni, 2 Sausage, and 2 Veggie pizzas. They come in a large cooler with dry ice to keep them cold. You throw them in your oven, and there you have authentic Chicago style pizza. It was great.
Pizza Pies.

This all goes along with our Avengers marathon. We have been making it through all of the Marvel movies that lead up to the upcoming Avengers movie. We finally made it past Captain America last Thursday.

Generally these marathon days open with a bit of Golf after work, then food (this week I made Enchilada's) then a movie. It has been wonderful!

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