Sunday, April 22, 2012

Phad Thai

I am just going to post pictures... Ill modify this post if you really want the recipe. It is a really good one! I have won over many hearts with it. I think the only reason Cassie Tomlinson likes me is because of this recipe (don't worry Cassie, Ill make it for you any time)

Along with this recipe was a trip to H-Mart. H-Mart is a Korean shopping market and general cultural hub. I was told that I needed to experience this place that is right next to my apartment. Every weekend, all day, it is packed. I ride my bike past it all of the time, and am amazed. So I finally went in.

It was intense. I started in the food court for some lunch. I wast not feeling overly exploitative, and just went with fried rice. It was great, but there were so many other options that I will have to go back for later.

I then ventured in to the store. I didn't know what 75% of the things were... it was great! Part of this lack of knowledge was the abundance of new things, and also the lack of English. Most products have minimal English, and a lot of, what I assume, Korean. This caused some confusion, both with me, and from a couple who approached me (being one of the only other white people there) asking for directions... I laughed and commiserated with them.

I eventually made it out, but with only a few of the items I needed... I guess that is what I can expect for trying to by Thai ingredients at a Korean place. Lucky for me Market Basket (my normal grocery store) had everything I needed.

So here are the pictures, with no other captions. Let me know if you want the recipe.

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