Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Going-Ons

First off... let me say how glorious this moment is. I just printed out my new Rugelach recipe for my cookbook, and I noticed that my printer is just about out of ink. It has been telling me that it is out for the past year, but it kept printing (and I don't really use it all that often, so it is not that big of a deal). So in the back of my mind I remember seeing a printing cartridge in my stuff. I have 3 boxes of random electronics and computer stuff. Ranging from wire to moltex and SATA cables to solder and head phones. All of the good stuff that I have collected. So I tore in to the box, and lo, and behold. In the bottom was a new, sealed printer cartridge! It is a good day!

I also just took out two loves of Friendship bread. I will not be posting a recipe for that as this blog is too classy for that. I did do a little twist, for those of you who know the scourge that is Friendship bread, I added Chocolate Pudding instead of Vanilla, and I added some cocoa powder and chocolate chips. It turned out great.

Last night I went to go see The Magnetic Fields with Marissa and Ankita. I think Ankita is going to join the friend group too. Speaking of... drum roll please.

Easter! Tomorrow I am throwing down a good ol' Griffith Turkey Dinner for my Friends. It is going to be great. This will be the first time I have cooked a Turkey in an oven (I have experience with a BBQ... Thanks Dad!) but I think it is going to go alright. Ill be sure to take pictures.

On that note, this evening I am going to lock my self in my room and post. A bunch. 2 or 3 recipes, St. Pats pictures that never made it... an update on work... but for now I am going to go clean up the kitchen and make some dinner. It is going to be pasta or pierogies... I can't decide.


  1. Hurray for lost and found printer cartridges!

  2. And we can't wait to hear about the Turkey dinner!!! What a blessing to have a group of friends coming together to celebrate Easter over a home cooked meal!